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Singing to relax

Singing to relax

Vocal music therapy has shown that singing  is one of the paths to integrate total relaxation of the body.

It is indeed sometimes difficult to understand what it means to relax.

When the stress is too much, when there is too much tension it is difficult to be in the complete relaxation, in the « non- action »  » the wait » and  » to do nothing »

By where to begin to relax? What is the part of the body should I relax first? Do I follow the instructions I hear? How to manage to not think of anything but relaxation?

It is sometimes difficult to arrive by the non-action, I mean by the fact of doing nothing to enter in a process of relaxation of muscles and our full body.
Many people are so much in the action and in the « doing » that it is difficult for these people to put themselves in a process that prohibits action.

The vocal music therapy can help these people to return with the action of singing in a certain way in the process that will bring them towards a progressive action, gently, without having that sensation to have to at all cost relax..

What happens when we sing and we can relax.

First of all we realize that even if we do nothing, our body is always in action, a beneficial action for the whole body: the muscles to sing are obliged to relax, the diaphragm which is often too tense loosens little by little and brings to a better breathing, thus a good oxygenation for the body and the brain.

By singing, the body, the brain, the emotions: everything is joined to accomplish the action of singing.

There is some sort of agreement that all of these things contribute to singing. One has the impression that only these vibratory movements in the body are important because when one sings one is fully in the « here and now ».
It is thus that little by little we arrive at the relaxation which then makes it possible to make a way towards a complete step towards a wellbeing of the body and the spirit.